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Our offices are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands and in Gdansk,  Poland. However we are operating world-wide. If You want our training, we will come to You, wherever You are, intercontinental or not ;-)  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if You feel like You’re interested. We deliver our trainings in English.

We are ready and willing to deliver any of our trainings, in English or in Polish, in any European town or city.





Charlotte de Bourbonstraat 35

1055WR Amsterdam


ul. Piecewska 20 D/19

80-288 Gdańsk, Poland

Get in Touch 

Feel free to contact us at any time. We’ll be happy to answer any and all of Your questions, in English or in Polish. And if You so desire, we will e-mail You more details concerning our training services, along with our full offer, if requested.

NL: +31 682 90 11 78

PL: +48 516 85 10 19



About Us

InnoVision is a company founded by enthusiasts, whose dream was to create unique training sessions, that would teach Agile methods in a practical way; that would help Your creativity, ingenuity and innovation skills develop and grow, as well as would build well-tuned, cooperative teams of employees.

We had a vision to design and create training sessions unlike anything, that we’ve encountered. We aimed at exploiting the cutting edge in training-psychology science. It was our aspiration to have trainings that are 100% practical, hands-on, not overflowing with dry theoretical sessions, which in our case are limited to a necessary minimum. We wanted trainings that would help individuals, as well as entire teams, learn and develop through practical, hand-on tasks and challenges, while having a good time doing it.

Our Coaches

All of our trainings are run by two coaches:

Michal Binczak - a certified Scrum Master, coach, cofounder of InnoVision company. Graduated psychology major. He gained his experience, among others, as a Scrum Master and Agile consultant, HR Business Partner at multinational IT corporations and as a freelancer and coach in Europe and overseas. A talented lecturer and coach, with over 900 hours of training delivered. In his more recent projects heavily involved in Agile development methodologies, and gamification techniques. In his spare time he takes on the role of a web developer for various projects, which he is engaged in.

Marcin Bukowski – has a university degree in science, with a major in physics, specializing in experimental and applied physics. Software Engineer at multinational IT corporation. A large chunk of his professional career was devoted to scientific research concerned with the physics of satellite measurements. A brilliant lecturer and an experienced educator. Author of several published popular-science articles. Co-founder of InnoVision company, which brings together expertise in engineering and coaching to deliver innovative, practical, hands-on training to software developers and other IT and technical personnel. He shared his Scrum expertise as a featured speaker at the Agile Alliance Conference 2016.