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Innovation Training


Innovation Training

Hands-on training, designed to boost your teams’ creativity and innovation. Participants learn creativity theories and working modes and put them into use while building and programming real-life robots. To accomplish this, we use such tools as LEGO Mindstorms EV3 sets. Participants compete against other teams, design, build and program the best CleanerBOT, SUMObot or a Martian Rover that will win in a tournament. Additionally, participants are challenged with tasks in Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift, programs and PC games specially designed to develop abstract thinking, 3D imagination and creative problem solving. The whole training is based on gamification principles: prizes for different challenges, managing virtual budget, buying additional parts etc.

No. of participants: 6-9


Basic training: 1 day (8h)

Standard training: 2 days (16h)

Venue: Customers’ office or a classroom leased according to customers’ needs

It’s a practical training for scientific minds. Few theory, a lot of action, creative thinking and great fun.

While working on their project, participants learn and exercise the following creativity methods:

  • Heuristics (creative thinking techniques): ‘working backward’, analogical thinking

  • Creative ways of working:  Genplore model, Creative Problem Solving

  • Reframing

  • 2 modes of thinking: open and closed

This training tests and develops such competencies as: abstract thinking and breaking thought patterns; creative problem solving; time management; effective communication; project management; effective cooperation.

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