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Hands-on workshop of Agile task and project management methods (Kanban and Scrumban) in IT Operations environment

Team cooperation and communication exercise

Interesting simulation which includes building and programming robots (EV3)

Description (2 days):

  • Learning and practicing Kanban and Scrumban task management methods during a simulated work on real projects.

  • Practicing enhanced version of the Kanban method: using Kanban board, WIP limits, effective team workflow management, calculating lead time (cycle time),

  • Practicing Scrumban: effective task management – combining everyday tasks and large projects, creating Scrumban Backlog and Scrumban Board, working with User Stories, tasks and prioritization, Daily Stand-up and Just-in-time meetings: Sprint Planning Meeting, Sprint Review and Retrospective

  • Effective Scrumban meetings facilitation – how to enhance: cooperation, communication, workflow management, planning, the whole process and work of the entire team

  • The participants work as one IT Operations team, challenged with a task to cope with ever flowing support tasks and new projects related to designing, building and programming robots (EV3)

  • The participants task is to build, repair or modify SUMObots, CleanerBOTs or Lunar Rovers (according to incoming requests), which will win in a robot tournament.

  • Training of: cooperation and communication; time and task management; effective cooperation during everyday tasks and sudden new projects; coping with critical situations.

  • A combination of practical knowledge and engaging work simulation.

  • Group: 5-9 participants

Training summary:

This training teaches the rules of Agile practices (Kanban and Scrumban) used in IT Operations departments (Helpdesk, support, infrastructure) and gives the opportunity to practice them during engaging work simulation.

Possible benefits of the use of Kanban:

  • Better organized and more transparent team workflow

  • Better effectiveness of everyday task management and focus on increasing service quality

  • Shorter lead time (cycle time)

  • Focus on task-pulling, not task-pushing

  • The possibility of quick and easy integration of Kanban principles into majority of IT Operations departments (without changing current structure and roles)

Possible benefits of the use of Scrumban - everything as in Kanban and additionally:

  • Improved team cooperation and communication

  • Increased team proactiveness

  • Focus on continuous improvement (Kaizen): process and work quality

  • Effectively combined work on everyday tasks with bigger projects

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