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SCRUM Training


Scrum Training

Practical simulation of a Scrum process. In this workshop, participants are learning and practicing Agile-SCRUM methodology during a simulated development of a real product. Participants work as one scrum team to design, build and program a robot (EV3) according to changing Customer needs and in spite of arising difficulties.

No. of participants: 6-9


Basic training: 1 day (8h)

Standard training: 2 days (16h)

Venue: Customers’ office or a classroom leased according to customers’ needs



Optional preparation to Scrum certification (only in standard training – 2 days):

  • Initial preparation for the PSM I (professional Scrum Master I) certificate


  • Preparation for the SMAC (Scrum Master Accredited Certification) certificate

This training encompasses all of the most important Scrum process elements: scrum roles, working in sprints made of virtual days; scrum meetings, such as: Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Scrum Meeting, Sprint Review and Retrospective.

During this training, participants practice: self-organization of a team, task management, team collaboration and communication; different User Story estimation methods; working with Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog; working efficiently with Product Owner and a Client; some will have the opportunity to become a Scrum Master or Product Owner during one of the Sprints. The training is enhanced with unpredicted situations (based on real-life situations) which make working even harder, e.g.: changing Customer needs and requests, PO is temporally unavailable; hardware malfunctions etc.

The training is based on gamification principles. Participants are: earning virtual money after successfully completing challenges and delivering important functionalities at the end of a Sprint; managing their budget; have the option to buy additional elements to their project; must deal with changing Customer Satisfaction Scale.

Practical Scrum training, interesting simulation, collaboration and communication training, great fun and teambuilding – you will find this and more, in our Scrum Training.

Optional competencies report: participants can get a brief report on their performance during the workshop, an assessment of such competencies as: time management, SCRUM meetings facilitation, teamwork, coping with sudden change etc., with a brief suggestions on what can be improved.

This training is for:

  1. Newly created Scrum teams and/or new team members in a scrum team – this training is 100% practical way to get acquainted with Scrum Process and agile way of working. It also is a great team building exercise;

  2. Experienced scrum teams – this training gives them opportunity to try out different roles, test their teamwork and improve it; refresh scrum principles; have a great teambuilding exercise.

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