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Team Building


Team Building –Project Connect

Inspiring activities combining physical involvement with practical challenges, that require team ingenuity and excellent cooperation.
This workshop consists of engaging, hands-on team challenges, including designing, constructing and manual tasks.

  • The completion of each and every challenge requires communication, cooperation and ingenuity from the whole team.

  • Practical team challenges are intertwined with professionally guided discussions between team-members, allowing them to discover their team's greatest assets and weaknesses. Drawing conclusions from that will help the team work in a more efficient, creative and productive way.

  • The participants are faced with a wide variety of challenges: spanning from the construction of the longest bridge under time pressure, all the way to a coordinated escape from a mad scientist’s lab fitted with traps.

No. of participants: 6-12

Duration: 2-4h

Venue:  Sports hall/classroom leased according to customers’ needs or customers’ office.

This training tests and develops such competencies as: creative problem solving; time management; effective communication; team leadership; effective cooperation.

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